Adoption information

A Promise of Love is  a national, internet-based rescue organization that permits adoptions nationally with appropriate documentation.  Our animals are fostered in private homes until they are ready for adoption.  As such, we do not have a place of business where animals can be visited.

Thank you so much for your interest in adopting one of our very special dogs.  We are a small rescue group run by volunteers who all have regular jobs and families on top of our rescue work.  We are not able to answer inquiries on our animals until we have received your adoption application.  If you are interested in pursuing an adoption after reading the animals’ biography information please submit an adoption application. Once we receive your application we will be in touch with you via email.


When looking for a new family member, please consider a senior dog as they have so much to give.  For more information, see Senior dogs.

Adoption Process

Once we receive your application:

1. It is screened for completeness and to assure that the information provided conforms to our basic standards for adopters. This process includes checking personal and veterinary references.

2. The application is reviewed by our Board of Directors who decide  whether the application is suitable for further processing.

3. If the application passes step 2, a home visit is scheduled.

4. The Board decides, based on all the available information including our knowledge of the animal and its needs, whether the adopter is a suitable candidate for adopting a particular animal.

5. A signed adoption agreement is required for all adoptions before an animal can be released. We require an adoption fee that helps defray the medical expenses we incur on the animal, which include sterilization, vaccinations, dental and other health care. The general range of these fees are $250.00 to $500.00.

6. Arrangements are made for the adopter to pick up the animal, at the adopter€™s expense.

If you have questions about our adoption process, please contact us at:


What you get when you adopt an APOL animal?


All APOL animals are spayed and neutered before leaving our care.  We believe that spaying and neutering is the only way to stop the overpopulation problem, to prevent reproductive diseases and help to prevent undesirable behaviors.

Dental and Medical Care

All APOL dogs receive a medical examination at intake and receive the appropriate and necessary veterinary care during the time they are with us in foster care so that they can be as healthy as possible.  At minimum, this includes age appropriate vaccinations (DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies), dental care, and parasite preventatives (general dewormer, flea preventative, heartworm test and preventative).


APOL dogs are microchipped before going to their new homes.  These microchips allow for the animal to be quickly and easily traced back to their owner.  Most vets, and all shelters, have microchip scanners and animals are scanned on intake.  Please remember to regularly update the information you have provided to the microchip registry.  We ask that you keep APOL as one of the registrants, so we can also help out in the event your pet becomes missing.