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Scooter Update:

Our Board of Directors decided that Scooter will stay in Foster Care. His needs are greater than anticipated, he is happy where he at, and he will continue getting the medical care he needs. We are very proud to announce that Scooter is the Spokespup for A Promise of Love.   

If you want to help Scooter, consider sponsoring him [see link under his photo]

Check out Scooter's videos on social media [button in right side bar of this page].  He loves his wheels!

Pupdate 6-5-2017

Scooter never ceases to amaze us with his zest for life. His depression has disappeared and he has learned to be a trusting and loving pup. He continues to go on walks with his wheels and would walk forever if given the chance. He loves being outdoors and would love to stay outside for long periods of time if given the chance. We still have to be very careful with the tops of his feet, one small scrape puts us back to the beginning of treatment which takes weeks to heal.

Scooter is very prone to bladder infections because of his paralysis, we have already had him treated twice.Scooter has no control of his bowels or bladder, so he is in a belly band which needs to be changed every three hours to help prevent infections. He also needs to wear baby onesies to catch his BM's or else he will be dragging through it. He has socks he wears to help prevent rug burns and concrete burns.

Scooter is not ready for adoption at this time.


Scooter has come a long way in the 2 months he has been here. He has been neutered, had a dental, microchipped and UTD with all of his vaccinations.

Scooter has visited the UW Vet Hospital where Therapist Courtney gave us exercises to do to help his back legs so they loosen up. She has also been a great help with other issues and fit him for his wheels. Yes, our boy has wheels now, a very generous donation from Mango and Judy Walter of Mango on a Mission. We have him walking about a mile a day, or should I say running! His attitude has changed, he has a zest for life and loves exploring the world without hurting himself. We make it our mission to take him different places so he is getting introduced to an entire new world.

Intake 2-18-2017

Scooter was listed on a FB media page. He was found 5-6 miles away from homes in the desert in California. He was found paralyzed in his hind quarters and was housed with the wonderful people who found him for approximately four months. Seeing how his disability needed attention, the family chose to have him go into a rescue that could get better assessments, veterinary care  and get him wheels.

Scooter had his first appointment with the Neurology Dept. at UW Madison Veterinary Hospital on Monday, February 20th. His x rays came back as a severed spine in the L4 region, paralyzing him in his hind legs and tail. All of his other tests were normal.

We have an appointment set up for Scooter to see the PT at the UW in March. They believe they will be needing three sessions with him, consultation, measuring for wheels and the final will be for adjusting his wheels.

Scooter has no control of his bodily functions, he wears a belly band in the house which is changed frequently. He will be needing to wear this for the rest of his life.

Updates on Scooter will be coming in fast and furiously! He is a pure joy, happy go lucky pup who only wants to please.

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